Our Mission

  • Provide for sacred space for public worship

  • Provide ministry, and to cherish and nurture the next generation of young people

  • Be active in our local community to provide ministry and care for all, particularly the poor and elderly

  • Support relief of poverty and suffering at home and abroad

'Your sons and daughters will proclaim my message; your old people will have dreams, and your young people will see visions' (Joel 2:28)

Plans for Year Two

  • Continue to develop Youth Division

  • Umbrella Group for Youth Division

  • Lunch after monthly Worship Together Service in Newcastle

  • Second informal monthly service in Newcastle

  • Update Parish Website

  • Sound insulation and Sound System for Hall at Parish Centre

  • Continue upgrading St Matthew's

Our 5 Year Plan
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How Can We Pay For Our Parish

  • Increased Giving needed

  • There are 600 people including children associated with the Parish That's about 180 families

  • On average an extra €2 per family per week is all we need to cover the cost of running our parish Many thanks to those who found that €2 over the past year

How Can I Get Involved?

  • Most of all you can pray for the Parish

  • Attend any event run for the Parish— you being there encourages others, especially the Leaders

  • Put your name on a list of people willing to help out at weekly and special events

  • If you would like to help drop in to Karen in the Parish Office

How Can I Give To The Parish?

  • Loose collections

  • Freewill Envelope scheme

  • Sustentation Fund (May and October)

  • Standing Order/Bank Transfer

  • All giving methods above go into the general fund to cover Parish expenses

  • Identifiable giving qualifies for tax relief

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